ICLAT Update

An update from Pastor Mardochee regarding ICLAT:


"On 25-26 March, 2015 we held a training seminar for pastors and church leaders based upon the training manual you had printed. The seminar went very well and the 8 local churches represented pledged to pass on what they learned to others including videos to play in churches and homes.

Attached are pictures of the seminar. Please pray for other needs we are facing. In addition to Levy that we hired as accounting secretary, we just hired Pastor ORTOM DARADJA for part time work to be in charge of the training programs. He is an ESTES graduate and pastor in a local church in Ndjamena."


They have 4 more seminars planned for this year with different churches around the country. We also recently had a water well drilled at the ICLAT office as you can see below. 


AA Ndjamena

We helped the AA group in Chad rent a facility for meetings and counseling, and an AA group in Houston is coordinating with them to help establish more support groups throughout the country. 

Training Booklets for Addressing Alcoholism in The Church

We printed and shipped a few thousand training manuals for Mardochee to use in churches and with pastors in addressing alcoholism in the country. 



We helped setup an initial office for ICLAT & CHOA. The mud bricked buildings seen in the pictures will be torn down and replaced with concrete structures.


Initial Addressing Alcoholism Conference

Last year, Mardochee Nadoumngar, the head of the evangelical seminary in Chad, completed his dissertation on the dramatically growing trend of alcoholism in Chad. He felt a strong conviction and calling to mobilize the church to be salt and light on this issue. When Duane met him, he told him we wanted to help. This vision developed from there. We formatted and printed booklets to begin the program, and I brought some with me when I came. The 90-page booklet provides practical and biblical teaching on alcoholism, as well as suggestions for setting up recovery groups in local churches. We helped put together a conference for members of twelve of the largest churches in N’djamena from eight different denominations.

Each church sent the pastor, an associate, a woman, and a youth. Duane Naron came to share his experiences with alcoholics in various support and recovery groups. We both participated in Q&A panel, which sparked a lot of great questions for both of us. The national satellite TV station also put together a 30-minute segment on teaching from the conference. There was a uniform response on the need to do something. Each church agreed to educate people on the consequences of alcoholism and the biblical view of alcohol. Pastors will discuss the issue openly with their congregations. The second part involves reaching out to alcoholics in the community and the church. Each church will setup recovery groups that walk alcoholics through the twelve steps to Christian recovery. Church leaders will lead the recovery groups, and in many ways they serve as discipleship groups.

Each local congregation will have flexibility to setup the program as they see fit. As an organization, we will continue to partner in this ministry. Duane Naron will provide guidance, input, and teaching. We will continue to print and update manuals as necessary. We may even help with a recovery retreat center down the road. We hired a young man here to coordinate the program across churches. He will follow up with support group leaders, and he will work to foster collaboration between the local efforts.


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