Addressing Alcoholism

Partner – ICLAT

About IDT – ICLAT is a local Chadian association established by church leaders to address
alcohol abuse throughout the country and surrounding African nations. They are partnering
with churches across denominations to provide education and training for church leaders
on the topic of alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Mardochee Nadoumngar founded ICLAT in 2013
with the help of CHOA. Mardochee served as the director of the sole higher education seminary
in Chad for the past 10+ years. He completed seminary at DTS in Dallas, and he recently
received his D. Min. from Gordon Conwell. He wrote his doctoral thesis on Mobilizing the
Church in Chad to Understand and Treat Alcoholism. CHOA met him when he was finishing
his thesis, and we joined together in partnership to address the growing trend of alcohol
abuse in Chad and beyond.

Project – The project consists primarily of training and counseling church leaders
throughout the country and surrounding nations. We’ve put together an initial training
manual to train church leaders on the biblical views of alcohol, the consequences of
alcohol abuse, and how to counsel individuals dealing with alcoholism. 



The Latest News: "Addressing Alcoholism""

  • ICLAT Update

    An update from Pastor Mardochee regarding ICLAT:   "On 25-26 March, 2015 we held a training seminar for pastors and church leaders based upon the training manual you had printed. The seminar went very well and the 8 local churches represented pledged to pass on what they learned to others including videos to...


  • AA Ndjamena

    We helped the AA group in Chad rent a facility for meetings and counseling, and an AA group in Houston is coordinating with them to help establish more support groups throughout the country. 


  • Training Booklets for Addressing Alcoholism in The Church

    We printed and shipped a few thousand training manuals for Mardochee to use in churches and with pastors in addressing alcoholism in the country.