ICLAT Update

An update from Pastor Mardochee regarding ICLAT:


"On 25-26 March, 2015 we held a training seminar for pastors and church leaders based upon the training manual you had printed. The seminar went very well and the 8 local churches represented pledged to pass on what they learned to others including videos to play in churches and homes.

Attached are pictures of the seminar. Please pray for other needs we are facing. In addition to Levy that we hired as accounting secretary, we just hired Pastor ORTOM DARADJA for part time work to be in charge of the training programs. He is an ESTES graduate and pastor in a local church in Ndjamena."


They have 4 more seminars planned for this year with different churches around the country. We also recently had a water well drilled at the ICLAT office as you can see below. 


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    Area: 1,284,634 sq. km. (496,000 sq. mi.); about twice the size of Texas. Cities: Capital--N'Djamena (pop. 828,000; 2010 estimate). Other major cities--Moundou, Abeche, Sarh, Bongor, Faya. Terrain: Desert, mountainous north; large arid central plain; fertile lowlands in southern regions. Climate: Read More
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